Founded by Adam Warner in 2011, Pineapple Farms is is a full-service real estate brokerage located in Melbourne, Florida that works along side with investors to source real estate and then to  negotiate, purchase, and rehabilitate the property. In most cases, the end goal is to either sell the properties for significant profit or retain interest in the property for cash flow that can be used to grow the company or distribute a portion of the profit to its partners. At Pineapple Farms, all services are performed “in-house” with our three departments, Real Estate, Development, and Funding.

Pineapple Farms Real Estate works with partners to source, negotiate, purchase and sell real estate while Pineapple Farms Development works with partners to renovate the property. Pineapple Farms Funding allows investors who are interested in investments secured by real estate to participate in renovation and “flipping” projects without having to get their hands dirty.

For more information on our services or becoming a partner please contact us.